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Real-time Production Status

Acumence’s real-time production statuses provide exact and accurate data, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions.

Real-time Key Performance Indicators

Acumence real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allow managers to align their focus with the most important metrics.

Downtime by Fault and Root Cause

Acumence provides management with data-driven maintenance improvement strategies.


Discover how Acumence aided Ball Corporation with its continuous improvement efforts by providing total production visibility.

Acumence by Flexware Innovation is an enterprise industrial intelligence platform that provides real-time production reporting. In this newly released case study, learn how Ball Corporation uses Acumence to gain real-time data on downtime, production, and spoilage, ultimately improving efficiency by 3%.


What our customers are saying

  • “I honestly can't imagine running a plant without Acumence. I've worked here for 33 years. In that first couple of weeks when we’re getting a new line up and running, I feel completely blind until we have Acumence in place. That enables us to get everything working right very, very quickly. It makes a massive difference for us.”
    Pat Maloney
    Ball Corporation's Wakefield, UK Plant
  • Now I have complete visibility across all of my production lines. I see potential problems before they turn into bigger ones. I get a visualization that shows me as soon as a line goes down, or as soon as a machine goes down, or even if there’s a potential issue on the horizon. I can be very, very proactive.
    Ray Howcraft
    Ball Corporation
  • “Acumence has aided us in identifying and resolving bottlenecks, which has improved our efficiency and saved us millions of dollars.”
  • "Acumence allows our plants to configure our own event alerts.  We decide what is considered action level data.  Even though Acumence collects massive amounts of data, we never feel bombarded with information.”
  • "Our downtime durations have decreased drastically since we have begun using Acumence.  Acumence alerts us of problems and even notifies us preventative maintenance.  We can quickly find root causes and get the plant back on track.”
  • “Acumence allows our management to make more informed decisions, aiding in efficiency and production.”
  • “Acumence provides us with real-time data, 24/7.  This has allowed us to stay ahead of any downtime or bottlenecks and has improved our production drastically.”
  • “Being able to see the status of each machine in the plant in real-time has allowed us to avoid downtime, increase our efficiency, and save us money.”
  • "It has been incredibly useful for us to be able to customize our real-time KPIs to fit our plant’s needs.  Acumence allows us to focus on our most important metrics.”

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