A Look at the New Features of Acumence in 2022

A Look at the New Features of Acumence in 2022

Acumence is continually working to improve the system’s functionality so that manufacturers can make data-driven decisions quickly and easily. As part of these efforts, we’ve released some essential features in 2022. From enhanced data management to user accessibility, our team lead Steve Klabak highlights the top three features in this video. These features include:

1. Data Mart Module

The data mart module makes it easier for high-volume manufacturers to quickly explore their production data beyond the limitations of standard reports.

2. Mobile Client

With the Acumence mobile app, management, engineers, and production supervisors can track and make important decisions about their shop floor operations from anywhere using their smartphone or tablet. They can rapidly gain real-time access to information about how the plant is operating or delve further into a specific machine.

3. Alerting & Notifications

The alerting and notification capability enables manufacturers to respond to critical alarms, downtime, and other issues more quickly and efficiently.


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