Acumence Delivers Immediate Benefits for High-Speed Manufacturers

Acumence Delivers Immediate Benefits for High-Speed Manufacturers


In this post, we will look at an example of a plant that sees immediate benefits after implementing Acumence.

Example: Can Manufacturing Plant

A plant begins using Acumence.  Operators, supervisors, plant managers, and executives begin to gain constant, real-time visibility into operations. They have never had access to such high-resolution data quantified at such short intervals.  In addition, the data was immediately available any time of the day or night. Users quickly adapted to the system, finding the information useful and actionable.

Real Time Key Performance Indicators

Acumence Dashboard

Standardized measures of performance focused attention on the true bottlenecks in the plant and empowered management to drive improvement and reward success.  Operators were able to respond faster to downtime, thereby increasing run efficiencies.  Supervisors were able to keep the front-end of the line balanced with the back end, reducing WIP, waste and delays.  The result was immediate improvement in throughput and a reduction of spoilage.

Production & Spoilage Report

In addition to these immediate benefits, specific improvements throughout the process were made possible, such as better methodologies for tracking the quality of consumables, improved machine changeover times, and improved inventory management through integration with quality and ERP systems.

In summation, Acumence immediately provides:

  • Constant, real-time visibility into operations
  • 24/7 data availability
  • Standardized measures of performance
  • Quicker response to downtime
  • Reduction of waste and delays
  • Improvement in throughput
  • Reduction of spoilage