Featured in The Canmaker Magazine – Canmaking Production Monitoring

Featured in The Canmaker Magazine – Canmaking Production Monitoring

Acumence in the News

Acumence Software Solution | Real-time Canning Production Monitoring for Canmakers

In the June 2020 edition of The Canmaker magazine, Acumence was highlighted as a software solution designed to meet the needs of canmaking manufacturers by providing real-time data, historical reports, as well as other features. With this information, new tooling can be prepared and the machine serviced before a major operation impact occurs.  The result is higher productivity, reduction in scrap, and better production flow through the remainder of the process. 

If you have a subscription to The Canmaker, you can access the article “Drilling deeper into the data” on page 36 with this link.


About Acumence: A Manufacturing Business Intelligence Software Solution Designed to Meet the Needs of the Canmaking Industry

Developed by US-based Flexware Innovation, Acumence is designed to meet the needs of the canmaking industry. Acumence is a manufacturing business intelligence solution that provides actionable information through real-time views and historical metrics for the entire can manufacturing process. With its high-resolution tracking, trends can be clearly identified before line performance degrades unacceptably. Canning manufacturers utilize Acumence to achieve high levels of operational excellence by detecting, analyzing, and eliminating production losses. 

Click here to learn more about the features of Acumence and how it might help solve your manufacturing bodymaking issues.

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