Acumence Provides Data Add-ons for Can Manufacturing

Acumence Provides Data Add-ons for Can Manufacturing

Acumence by Flexware Innovation, a production business intelligence solution for can manufacturing, recently announced changes to the product to better address customer data and reporting needs. Acumence users now have access to Data Mart and Microsoft Power BI add-ons. These additions are designed to provide greater flexibility, performance, and customization options for our users. Both add-ons are priced at $5,000 each and allow for rapid implementation.

Data Mart Add-on

The Acumence Data Mart presents data from the primary Acumence database in a purpose-built, pre-aggregated format that is both easy to use and high-performance. The data is accessible directly from reporting tools and extract processes for integration into enterprise data warehouses.

The integration of the Data Mart add-on essentially decouples reporting features from the tool’s operational database, ensuring that reporting activities do not impact system performance. Additionally, the Data Mart Add-on enables users to execute high-performance reporting and track trends over time, essentially allowing data comparisons over longer periods of time. This functionality is essential for can manufacturing where historical data analysis is critical.

Learn more about Data Marts in the news post, See the news post “Data Warehouses and Data Marts: An Overview for Manufacturers.

Microsoft Power BI Add-on

Many Acumence customers are also users of Microsoft Power BI and have asked for Acumence to include out-of-the-box Power BI reports, similar to the historical reports found in the desktop version. Our new reporting solution addresses this need, offering a range of pre-built reports that allow users to easily access and analyze their data. These reports allow for cross-filtering, analyzing data more granularly, along with interactive exploration of data, empowering users to derive insights quickly and efficiently by clicking directly on data results for even more detail.

The Power BI add-on includes built-in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculations, providing users with valuable insights into their can manufacturing operational efficiency. Furthermore, users have the option to customize their dashboards and reports, either using the pre-built templates or creating their own on top of the existing framework.

Data and Reporting Services Available

The Acumence team understands that not every customer has internal expertise, or capacity, for building reports and managing databases. For this reason, the team offers users a range of services to supplement their data and reporting needs. Request more information.

Request a Demo

The Acumence team frequently provides product demonstrations for leading can manufacturers and are ready to do the same for you and your team. These demonstrations often provide a glimpse into possibilities for your organization. Request a demo.