Acumence Provides Visibility into the Performance of Older Equipment

Acumence Provides Visibility into the Performance of Older Equipment

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Many production lines contain at least one older machine with limited automation.  When this legacy equipment is critical to line performance, the lack of instrumentation can create a blind spot in the process.  Management is often faced with expensive options for new equipment or upgrades in order to rectify the situation.


Consider the following example:

An old bodymaker is suspected of causing downtime on a can line.  Frequent trackwork jams are backing up the line, causing downtime at the bodymaker.  No one really knows how much downtime is at stake, but it could be as much as 40%.


Then, in the Downtime Machine Log report, you can see that over five minutes of downtime was caused by “Trackwork Jam.”


This is enough intelligence to dispatch a mechanic to take-action.

Good manufacturing intelligence is gathered at every step of the process, regardless of age or automation level of the equipment. The newfound visibility into older equipment will drive performance beyond expectations.

In summation, Acumence allows you to:

  • Attribute downtime to particular machines (especially older equipment)
  • Identify the root cause list for critical machines
  • Assign root causes to machine events during the shift
  • Analyze the impact on performance and take action when necessary