Acumence Version 6.0 Release

Acumence Version 6.0 Release

Mobile Realtime Client

We are excited to announce that Acumence version 6.0 will be released this month!  Here we will cover the new features enhancing our manufacturing intelligence solution.

Over the past year, the Acumence team has been working on modernizing the software and providing documentation and resources to our valued customers.  We want users to have the best experience possible and use Acumence to make improvements in their plants with ease.

The key difference in v6.0 is that the Realtime Client can now be accessed through a web app, rather than the Windows application, which means data can be accessed outside of the plant!

web browser

Runs in a web browser on your phone, tablet, and computer


Another major benefit relates to how manufacturing companies can keep up with real-time information anytime and anywhere.  This will be extremely useful for Acumence users and personnel at all levels of the organization.  The following lists demonstrate useful features and benefits of the Realtime Web Client.


Benefits for Users:

  • Provides dashboard visibility through web browsers on laptops, tablets, and phones to help facilitate instant access to critical information.
  • Access from outside the plant with VPN or other security controls in place.
  • Dashboards can be added as browser bookmarks for quick access.
  • Links to dashboards can be shared via email or messaging applications to facilitate new methods for collaborating.
  • Browser tabs or windows can be arranged to visualize multiple dashboards at the same time.
  • Trend data is available immediately, and no longer dependent on when you started the application.
  • Improved UI with search functionality.


Benefits for IT:

  • Removes the need for managing client software updates. Users and kiosk displays will automatically receive the latest software version and designer file changes.
  • Supported by modern web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).
  • Opens possibilities for new kiosk technologies, as the client no longer requires a Windows OS.
  • New web application services run alongside traditional Acumence services and existing client applications, providing backward compatibility for a scaled deployment.
  • Displays existing dashboard designs for backward compatibility.


We are excited to see how our newest version makes manufacturing plants even more efficient.