Asset Utilization versus OEE!

Asset Utilization versus OEE!

Are you responsible for analytics and continuous improvement from your Bodymakers and other equipment? If you are, we understand this can be a complicated task with many nuances.

Asset utilization, or percent utilization, is the true measure of how well you are using your installed capacity.

Does it matter if it’s unplanned or planned downtime? The planned and unplanned activities may affect your KPIs differently. If you don’t take these factors into account, you are not getting all you can from your metrics.


How is Asset Utilization different than OEE?

We have heard that OEE is overly complicated and more detailed than some plants want from their metrics.

The main difference between OEE and Asset Utilization is how they compare availability and uptime.

  • Asset Utilization takes all the available time for the shift, day, week, year.
  • OEE takes only the scheduled-up time for an asset.

That means that Asset Utilization leaves out data that could be used for looking at ways to improve planned and unplanned downtime. OEE can break down the available percentage into planned and unplanned maintenance activities. Each calculation has its benefits.

  • OEE is used to understand how well systems or assets perform based on current business demands and production schedules.
  • Asset Utilization allows for a better understanding of how well that system or asset is currently utilized and provides insight for future business planning by calculating what type of production could be achieved.

OEE explained on the whiteboard with Jason Toschlog.

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