Experience the Future of Battery Intelligence with Acumence

Acumence by Flexware Innovation is poised to be the definitive enterprise battery industrial intelligence platform, tailored to meet the unique needs of battery manufacturers. With a time-tested legacy and an innovative spirit, Acumence is not just a solution; it‘s a collaborative journey.

We invite forward-thinking battery manufacturers to join us in shaping Acumence to fit the industry‘s specific needs. Together, we‘ll seamlessly integrate your existing plant systems into a centralized hub, simplifying management and streamlining operations.

By collaborating with Acumence, you can help shape the future of battery manufacturing. We‘ll co-create a platform that not only meets but exceeds industry needs, optimizing processes, increasing efficiency, and maintaining a competitive edge. Join hands with Acumence and pioneer your journey toward battery manufacturing excellence.

Key Features of Acumence for Battery Manufacturers

Acumence, trusted by manufacturers since 1997, empowers clients with complete visibility, data-driven decision-making, and quality improvement. This solution enhances operational efficiency effortlessly, offering real-time metrics and easy deployment across multiple sites and machines, enabling manufacturers to optimize production processes and make informed decisions.

Plant Performance

Real-Time Monitoring Power

Achieve 24/7 real-time tracking, alerting, and reaction capabilities, from anywhere and anytime

Historical Data Analysis

Visualize Success

Gain insights into your operations and machines with shift overviews, downtime charts, and more

Downtime by Fault and Root Cause

Machine Monitoring

Quickly check the status of your machines with streamlined dashboards for precise performance tracking


Secure Data Management

Automatically collect, clean, label, and securely store battery performance data and metadata

Configurable Event Alerts

Seamless Collaboration & Alerting

Effortlessly share data, analysis, and critical alerts in real-time with colleagues, partners, and customers

Configurable Technology

Integration Made Simple

Seamlessly integrate with various systems, including PLCs, vision systems, databases, and more

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