Featured in The CanTech Magazine – Combatting Bodymaker Issues with Acumence

Featured in The CanTech Magazine – Combatting Bodymaker Issues with Acumence

Acumence in the News

How Canning Manufacturers Are Using Acumence to Combat Bodymaker Issues

In the June 2020 edition of the CanTech magazine, Acumence was featured as a solution for canning manufacturers to track individual bodymaker performances at any given time.

Monitoring all machine performance, and especially bodymaker performance is vital for any canning manufacturer who wishes to operate at maximum efficiency.  With Acumence’s high-resolution tracking, performance trends can be clearly identified before performance degrades to the point of major negative impact.  Empowered with the information that Acumence provides, management can make informed, intelligent decisions when operating their plant.

To access the CanTech magazine online, click here, or open the magazine directly to the article on page 22.

About Acumence: A Manufacturing Business Intelligence Software Solution for Canning Manufacturers

Acumence is a Manufacturing Business Intelligence Solution that provides actionable information through real-time views and historical metrics for the entire can manufacturing process. It helps manufacturers achieve high levels of operational excellence by detecting, analyzing, and eliminating production losses.

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