Bottleneck Analysis

Bottleneck Analysis

Acumence provides management with important information that aids them in the decision to add additional equipment or upgrade existing machines.

Acumence keeps everyone up to date and informed.  It can even tell management which machines are the bottleneck in each line.  This is essential information because if a critical machine goes down then the  entire line may go down.

With this information, management can prioritize which machines should be worked on first, keeping the plant running as efficiently as possible.

It can also save the plant money.  If a plant is considering investing in adding an additional line because the current line isn’t efficient enough, they may be able to detect and analyze bottlenecks to increase efficiency and avoid buying new equipment.

Bodymaker Efficiency Analysis Report

Acumence provides countless benefits with its many features.  It increases efficiency, decreases downtime, and saves plants and enterprises large amounts of money.  If your plant wants to stop wasting money on production losses, Acumence may be the solution for you.  To learn more about Acumence, visit our Product page.