Downtime by Fault and Root Cause

Downtime by Fault and Root Cause

Acumence provides management with data-driven maintenance improvement strategies.

When a machine is not working properly, a manager may ask how much time the machine was down and what the root cause was.  The machines may already have the answers to these questions, but the Acumence plant model provides managers with contextual data that the machine cannot communicate on its own.

If a problem occurs, Acumence will immediately display the problem in the Acumence Client.  It will also notify management of preventive maintenance, so problems can be avoided altogether.  Acumence can’t always find the root cause but will always provide more clues.

Downtime by Fault Root Cause

Acumence provides countless benefits with its many features.  It increases efficiency, decreases downtime, and saves plants and enterprises large amounts of money.  If your plant wants to stop wasting money on production losses, Acumence may be the solution for you.  To learn more about Acumence, visit our Product page.