Historical Data Analysis

Historical Data Analysis

Acumence verifies improvements and identifies trends.

All collected historical data is stored on the Acumence server.  With an optimized collection of reports built specifically for high-speed manufacturing, users have access to this rich dataset, allowing them to see trends on what parts wear out when so they are not replaced too soon or too late.

It also allows management to see if machines have been truly fixed.  Maintenance may have “fixed” the machine, but if the historical database indicates that it still had problems the rest of the week, management will know the root cause was not found and the problem needs to be reassessed.

spoilage analysis
Analog Monitor Necker Camera 1A Spoilage Percent

Acumence provides countless benefits with its many features.  It increases efficiency, decreases downtime, and saves plants and enterprises large amounts of money.  If your plant wants to stop wasting money on production losses, Acumence may be the solution for you.  To learn more about Acumence, visit our Product page.