Real-time Key Performance Indicators

Real-time Key Performance Indicators

Acumence provides customizable real-time key performance indicators, or real-time KPIs, allowing plant managers to align their focus with the most important metrics.

KPIs track the status of certain key goals.  With Acumence, screens in each plant tell everyone what the goals are and the current progress on those goals.

Goals may shift over time, and Acumence’s display of real-time KPIs makes sure everyone in the plant is working towards the same goals at all times.

Acumence enables management to make more informed decisions on a daily basis.  For example, if a machine is running ahead of schedule but has been needing parts replaced, management can see this and choose to schedule maintenance immediately.

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Acumence provides countless benefits with its many features.  It increases efficiency, decreases downtime, and saves plants and enterprises large amounts of money.  If your plant wants to stop wasting money on production losses, Acumence may be the solution for you.  To learn more about Acumence, visit our Product page.