Discover how Acumence aided Ball Corporation with its continuous improvement efforts by providing total production visibility.

Acumence by Flexware Innovation is an enterprise industrial intelligence platform that provides real-time production reporting. In this newly released case study, learn how Ball Corporation uses Acumence to gain real-time data on downtime, production, and spoilage, ultimately improving efficiency by 3%.

Supercharge Your Can Making Production with Acumence

Acumence by Flexware Innovation is an industry-leading enterprise industrial intelligence platform, that revolutionizes real-time production reporting. Designed for high-speed, high-volume processes like aluminum beverage packaging, Acumence is trusted by 52 factories across 22 countries. With its seamless deployment and minimal support requirements, it’s the perfect solution for driving continuous improvement in your plant. Discover how Acumence can transform your operations. Let’s start a conversation today.