Data Mart Module for Acumence

Data Mart Module for Acumence

Acumence Data Mart

Use the data collected in Acumence with ad hoc reporting tools.

Flexware Innovation announces the new Data Mart module available for Acumence.

The Acumence Data Mart presents the data from the Acumence database in a purpose-built, pre-aggregated format that is both easy to use and high-performance. The data is accessible directly from reporting tools and extract processes for integration into enterprise data warehouses.


We want to give a big “Thank You” to all who helped us beta test the Acumence new Data Mart module. – The Acumence Team

“Flexware’s Data Mart Module lets us use plant floor data from Acumence for ad hoc reporting and analysis in Power BI.” – Acumence Data Mart Beta Tester

“We are implementing the Data Mart Module across our plants with plans to integrate into our existing enterprise data warehouse solution. We’re looking forward to seeing how a standard approach will impact the entire organization.” – Acumence Data Mart Beta Tester


Data Marts and Acumence

Data marts focus on a single business area. They improve reporting end-user response time by allowing users to access the specific data they need to view, most often. Users are not accessing the source database alleviating any performance concerns that long-running queries could introduce when accessing source data directly.

See the news post “Data Warehouses and Data Marts: An Overview for Manufacturers“.

The Acumence data mart module includes a synchronization service that automatically extracts, transforms, and loads Acumence plant data into local data marts.

Acumence Data Mart

Why Do You Need a Data Mart?

Why not just pull data directly from the Acumence operational database?

  • Requires specialized knowledge of the database design.
  • Could impact the performance of Acumence.
  • May break after Acumence updates.
  • Requires internal management of custom ETL and staging solutions.
  • Could break if plants are using different Acumence versions.

For these reasons, the new Acumence Data Mart module has been created. It is a more robust solution with a lower total cost of ownership than an in-house solution.

More Features Coming!

Future versions are being planned which will:

  • Provide administrative features to facilitate master data harmonization across plants.
  • Automatically sync local plant data to an enterprise data mart that utilizes a similar star-schema design. This will ease consumption by the enterprise data warehouse solution and add enterprise-wide ad hoc reporting ability.

Contact the Acumence team at Flexware for pricing for this Data Mart add-on module.