OEE Standards in Can Manufacturing Sought Through Joint Effort Between Acumence and The Metal Packager

OEE Standards in Can Manufacturing Sought Through Joint Effort Between Acumence and The Metal Packager

For Immediate Release
October 15, 2021

Industry Survey Released Leading Toward Formation of Steering Committee

FISHERS, IN, USA — October 15, 2021   The Acumence product team has formed a partnership with The Metal Packager to establish OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) standards in the can manufacturing industry. A survey has been released to gather baseline data with the intent of forming an OEE standards definition steering committee. The survey is found online at https://www.acumence.com/can-making-manufacturing-oee-survey. 

“OEE is a common manufacturing metric for measuring productivity,” explained Steve Klabak, Acumence Product Manager. “There are unique challenges and variables in can manufacturing that make OEE calculations a challenge. Our aim is to find some agreement across the industry.” 

Klabak explained that survey data will be shared with all who participate with a summary report and online presentation of the findings. The next step following the collection and distribution of the survey findings is the formation of an independent steering committee to define OEE standards. 

Alex Fordham of The Metal Packager added, “We were excited to be included as media partner to this important effort. Our readers are on the leading edge of the industry and to be involved in setting standards in this way is in alignment with our publication and our readers.” 

OEE measures the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive and is made up of quality, performance, and availability metrics. In fast-paced production environments, like can manufacturing, productivity challenges can have a significant business impact. A strong OEE emphasis gives manufacturers insight into areas of production that require improvement.  

Acumence is a software application of Flexware Innovation and is used by can manufacturers to detect, analyze, and eliminate production losses. Acumence was founded in 1997 and established a base of users before being acquired by Flexware in 2017. Today the application is found in 22 countries and is available in desktop, mobile, and web interfaces. 

The Metal Packager is an online subscription publication designed as an essential resource for metal packaging professionals. The Metal Packager provides resource for metal packaging professionals, combining classical news journalism, in a contemporary format. Through its digital distribution, the publication complements the successful sustainability story of metal packaging. 

For additional information:
Acumence: https://www.acumence.com/
The Metal Packager: https://metalpackager.com/
OEE Article from Acumence: https://www.acumence.com/overall-equipment-effectiveness-oee-for-can-manufacturing/
Flexware Innovation: https://www.flexwareinnovation.com/

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