Preparing for 2021 Manufacturing Budgetary Estimates? What Acumence Customers Should Consider

Preparing for 2021 Manufacturing Budgetary Estimates? What Acumence Customers Should Consider

Throughout the economic uncertainty associated with the current global health pandemic, the can making industry has not only remained strong but has even experienced historic growth!  This upsurge has driven increased demand, causing can makers to struggle to keep up. As an essential infrastructure business, we know you need to ensure that you can provide continued service and products no matter what comes your way.

As manufacturers plan to meet these mounting needs in 2021 and beyond with additional production lines and new plants, the preparation of accurate budgets becomes even more vital to maintaining profitability and efficiency while increasing capacity.

Below are two tips to consider when preparing next year’s manufacturing budget:

Tip #1:  Precise estimates can be achieved if you’re properly prepared.

Accurate project estimates mean you are more likely to meet your deadlines and budget.  However, we understand it can be difficult to know where to start with budgeting and how to properly arrive at an accurate cost that factors in all expenses.

With any software implementation, there are multiple factors that impact pricing, such as engineering time, hardware and software costs, and implementation expenses.  Manufacturers often require assistance with accurately estimating implementation expenses because each software system is different in how it integrates with machines, PLCs, sensors, etc.

Customer Example:  Understanding Plant Operations in order to Estimate Time and Cost Associated with Acumence Implementation   

A customer recently asked for our assistance with their budget for the upcoming year as it related to fully implementing Acumence in one of their plants.  In order to provide them with an accurate cost estimate, we requested that their team complete the following questionnaire, allowing us to more clearly understand the current state of their facility and processes:

  1. What equipment, by type (e.g., Bodymaker), would be integrated to?
  2. Are machine PLCs already connected to a plant-floor Ethernet network?
  3. Describe all sensors currently used to count cans at critical steps/locations in the process.  (This usually requires some review and discussion.)
  4. What type(s) of camera inspection systems (e.g., Applied Vision) are you currently using?
  5. Are your camera inspection systems connected to a plant-floor Ethernet network?
  6. Acumence primarily leverages the OPC standard to communicate to control systems. Do you have any proprietary control systems for which OPC drivers do not exist?
  7. Is there a need or desire to integrate Acumence to other systems, e.g., ERP to get coil batch numbers, a quality system to push counts for quality checks?
  8. Will your internal teams be responsible for adding sensors or should the required work be included in the estimate?
  9. Will your internal teams be responsible for any necessary modifications to PLC Programs or should the required changes be included in the estimate?
  10. What languages, other than English, will the application need to support?

Our team has years of experience working with manufacturers to provide expert advice and support in the planning and decision-making processes, and we provide these services complimentary to both new and current customers.  Below are examples of how we can help support you in the initial stages:

  • Planning for sensor and control additions and improvements
  • Acumence hardware and software requirements definition
  • Custom reporting and data warehousing strategies
  • Budgetary estimates

Tip #2:  If you want a quick project approval, define the business value, and be ready to sell it!

Ineffective communication between those estimating a project and the executives required to approve it can lead to major problems if the business value is not clearly and properly articulated.  Executives are not only looking for business value and a reasonable return on investment; they are just as interested in how objectives will be met and how expectations will be fulfilled.

In order to secure project funding, it is crucial to minimize the communication gap by plainly defining the business value of the project and by describing how the project will meet specific business objectives, all in a timely and cost-effective manner.

With decades of manufacturing project experience, our team can assist you with clearly defining the business value in order to get your budget approved in a timely matter.  In addition to offering the leading manufacturing business intelligence platform for the can-making industry, our team provides the following:

  • Years of experience planning business intelligence solutions, which can help avoid costly mistakes and streamline projects
  • Hardware and software advice that guarantees swift project deployment, maximum performance, and meaningful data collection
  • Partnership from planning to production and beyond


Need support with your Acumence software implementation budgetary estimate and clarifying the business value?  We are here to help.

As you begin to work on 2021 budgetary estimates, we are here to help support you.  Remember to give us a call when you start the planning process for new lines, plants, and equipment.  Engaging us early will provide you with the guidance you need and give us the ability to guarantee your system will seamlessly integrate with Acumence, fast-track your project timeline, and provide operational excellence! Contact us today