Manufacturing Business Intelligence Solution

Acumence is a Manufacturing Business Intelligence Solution that provides actionable information through real-time views and historical metrics.  This enables manufacturers to avoid losses in performance, quality, and efficiency.

Acumence is specifically designed to handle the following types of manufacturing environments:

  • Real-time
  • High-volume
  • High-performance
  • High-speed

With these capabilities, manufacturers can identify and resolve bottlenecks promptly.  This improved production efficiency saves companies millions of dollars each year.

Acumence is the first software platform to provide analysis and reporting for both real-time operational data and historical transaction data optimized specifically for high speed manufacturing processes.

Acumence’s technology implementation avoids clumsy and complex IT projects.  It can be configured quickly and has a low cost of ownership.  Multi-site implementations can be managed, configured, updated, and supported by minimal staff from a central location.

Acumence is the leading enterprise operations monitoring solution in the beverage can industry.

Main Components of Acumence

Acumence is made of two essential parts: the Acumence Sever and the Acumence Client.
Acumence Diagram

Acumence Server

The Acumence Server is the heart of Acumence.  It captures high-resolution machine and process data through integration with PLCs, vision systems, databases, and more.

The collected data includes:

The server not only provides optimized real-time and historical access to all plant data, including hourly and shift based aggregates, but also provides rich context to this data as it applies to the plant.

Acumence Client

The Acumence Client is an intuitive and easy-to-use application that provides the following information to supervisors and operators:

The client presents data from the Acumence Server and provides supervisors and operators with up-to-the-second information on machine performance and production.  It also provides access to historical data stored in the Acumence Server’s high-speed transactional database, allowing quick retrieval for reporting and analysis.

Configurable factory overview dashboards in the Acumence Client give an instant view of the current state of the machinery in the plant.  They also display Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as current and projected production and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

The Acumence Client also provides purpose-built, high-performance reporting designed specifically for high-speed manufacturing.  These interactive reports are quickly generated for any time period based on combinations of filters such as:

  • Shifts
  • Operators
  • Machines

They provide relevant, accurate, and actionable information to plant personnel.

When needed, users can also drill down in the interactive reports to reveal more detail.  They provide graphical summaries including, shift overviews and downtime pareto charts.  Many reports provide specialized analysis details that allow examination of the interdependencies between different pieces of equipment, helping to quickly identify causes of poor line performance or high rates of spoilage.

The Acumence Client ensures that everyone in the plant is aware of the current shift performance and draws attention to current and potential problem areas.

What manufacturing information can Acumence provide for you?

Plant Information

Plant Information

  • Acumence connects management and plant personnel with their assets by delivering real-time production and downtime metrics.
  • Users can then easily identify bottlenecks and sources of lost productivity, leading to increased throughput and profits.
  • Acumence provides insight into plant operations that drives continuous improvement initiatives within a plant, and even across an enterprise.
Configurable Event Alerts

Real-time Alerts

  • Acumence is architected with a memory-resident data structure that ensures high speed for aggregation, processing, and presentation of results.
  • It also can capture, store, and display information immediately.
  • The animated and color-coded client screens keep everyone informed on up-to-the-second operations, drastically minimizing downtime and loss.
Plant Performance

Plant Performance

  • Acumence keeps track of factory production details and machine status in production lines.
  • Production information is tracked for each machine in the plant, and for each plant in the enterprise.
  • Analysis tools enable management to compare crews, shifts, lines, and even factories.
  • This allows management to identify best practices and opportunities for improvement through training.
Historical Data Analysis

Historical Reports

  • The Acumence Database, a component of the Acumence Server, keeps a long-term record of all monitored activity.
  • A comprehensive set of reports, analysis, and trending tools are available when it is necessary to look at a machine or plant’s performance in more detail or over a longer period.
  • Users can drill down into reports to find additional details.
Process Consumables Usage

Manufacturing Solutions

  • Acumence is built on a platform fit for nearly any discrete manufacturing process.
  • Specific configurations for beverage can manufacturing are available that will speed implementation and ROI.

Why Choose Acumence for your Manufacturing Business Intelligence Solution?

Acumence helps companies achieve repeatable operational excellence.

Acumence helps companies maximize their manufacturing assets by achieving repeatable operational excellence at the factory level and throughout their entire organization.  It was built to aggregate and process the large amount of complex data residing in the machinery of high-volume, repetitive operations.  It presents the information in timely and useful ways in order to improve plant performance.

In order for companies to maximize their return on their assets, they need to have reliable systems in place to gather timely and accurate data.  Acumence has become the foundation that allows leaders and managers to make data-supported decisions and efficient resource allocations.

Acumence increases efficiency.

Manufacturing plants need a system that can collect data from a wide variety of machines and machine types and deliver it to users.  Every machine in the production process performs a unique role, thus creating a unique set of operational and downtime data.  This data creates a need for a robust, reliable plant performance measurement solution that can be easily configured and easily tied in to other systems in the enterprise.

Acumence has seen efficiency increase by as much as 5% within two months of deployment in a plant.  Productivity improvement such as this could mean an annual increase in inventory turnover of over $4 million in a typical can plant, creating over $500,000 in profit.

Acumence uses Manufacturing Business Intelligence to help companies achieve operational excellence.

Packaging operations are being stretched further than ever before with an increasing rate of new product introductions, shorter production runs, inventory reductions, and the constant demand for faster turnaround time.  It’s a recipe for disaster, driving productivity down and increasing manufacturing costs.

Many manufacturers of packaged goods are turning to Manufacturing Business Intelligence to achieve their goals.  In order to achieve a level of operational excellence that can drive a company’s profits, they need more than just monitoring systems.  They need comprehensive monitoring and analysis systems with analysis tools for uncovering the source of losses on a packaging line.  They need Acumence.

Acumence helps manufacturing enterprises avoid production losses, improve efficiency, and increase profits.  The Acumence Server collects any and all plant data, and plant personnel can view this data in the easy-to-use Acumence Client.  Empowered with this information, management can make informed, intelligent decisions when operating their plant.  If your plant is interested in using our software, visit our Contact page.