Actionable, Real-Time Manufacturing Production Data Available Wherever You Are

Acumence by Flexware, an enterprise-grade BI platform, makes real-time production data available wherever you are so you can identify and address issues before they happen. Currently operating in 46 plants in 22 countries, this enterprise-grade business intelligence platform is built specifically for high-speed, high-volume processes including the aluminum can manufacturing industry. It can be implemented quickly across multiple sites with minimal support requirements.

Rapid Deployment

An enterprise-wide platform fit for high-speed, discrete manufacturing process

Acumence helps companies maximize their manufacturing assets by achieving repeatable operational excellence at the factory level and throughout their entire organization. Designed for high-volume processes, Acumence can be integrated into other enterprise systems quickly and cost-effectively. Multi-site integrations can be managed, configured, updated, and supported by minimal staff from a central location. From installation to production, the average deployment of Acumence takes 8-12 weeks.

Rapid Deployment

“We collaborate closely with manufacturers, OEMs, and other industry experts to fully understand their requirements and provide unrivaled support. Our consultants have years of experience deploying Acumence quickly to help our customers increase productivity, which has a direct impact on turnover, costs, and profit.”

Jason Toschlog, VP of Products at Acumence.

Connect To & Track Plant Floor Operations Data

Receive alerts and real-time data 24/7 from one centralized database

The Acumence Server is the heart of Acumence. It collects over 500,000 process variables per second in a plant and displays them as actionable data. It integrates with PLCs, vision systems, databases, ToolCONTROL software, and other systems to capture high-resolution machine and process data. The server provides optimized real-time and historical access to all plant data, including hourly and shift-based aggregates, but also provides rich context to this data as it applies to the plant.

Production counts
Process variable values

Monitor Manufacturing Performance

Make data-driven decisions and efficient resource allocations with instant reporting and dashboards

Stay Connected & Informed with Instant Reporting

Acumence connects management and plant personnel with their assets by delivering real-time production and downtime metrics. Users can then easily identify bottlenecks and sources of lost productivity, leading to increased throughput and profits. Acumence provides insight into plant operations that drives continuous improvement initiatives within a plant, and even across an enterprise.

Manufacturers can make more efficient resource allocations and improve overall plant performance with instant graphical summaries such as shift overviews and downtime Pareto charts. Many reports provide specialized information that allows for a more in-depth examination of the interdependencies between various pieces of equipment. Most importantly, this enables operators to quickly pinpoint the source of a problem and take action to address the root cause before it impacts the bottom line.

Acumence FAQs

What are the main components of Acumence?

Acumence is made of two essential parts: the Acumence Server and the Acumence Client.

Acumence Diagram

What manufacturing information can Acumence provide me?
Plant Information
  • Acumence connects management and plant personnel with their assets by delivering real-time production and downtime metrics.
  • Users can then easily identify bottlenecks and sources of lost productivity, leading to increased throughput and profits.
  • Acumence provides insight into plant operations that drives continuous improvement initiatives within a plant, and even across an enterprise.
Plant Performance
  • Acumence keeps track of factory production details and machine status in production lines.
  • Production information is tracked for each machine in the plant, and for each plant in the enterprise.
  • Analysis tools enable management to compare crews, shifts, lines, and even factories.
  • This allows management to identify best practices and opportunities for improvement through training.
Real-time Alerts
  • Acumence is architected with a memory-resident data structure that ensures high speed for aggregation, processing, and presentation of results.
  • It also can capture, store, and display information immediately.
  • The animated and color-coded client screens keep everyone informed on up-to-the-second operations, drastically minimizing downtime and loss.
Historical Reports
  • The Acumence Database, a component of the Acumence Server, keeps a long-term record of all monitored activity.
  • A comprehensive set of reports, analysis, and trending tools are available when it is necessary to look at a machine or plant’s performance in more detail or over a longer period.
  • Users can drill down into reports to find additional details.
Manufacturing Solutions
  • Acumence is built on a platform fit for nearly any discrete manufacturing process.
  • Specific configurations for beverage can manufacturing are available that will speed implementation and ROI.
How does Acumence monitor bodymaker and trimmer performance?

Acumence helps manufacturers to quickly identify specific machines and tooling that are responsible for higher than average scrap or downtime.  This allows operators to quickly identify where an issue is and take action to fix the root cause of the problem. As a result, the bodymakers and trimmers are more efficient, there is less scrap, and the rest of the production process runs more smoothly.

ToolCONTROL by Integrated Packaging Solutions (or IPS) is also a plugin that connects easily to Acumence. ToolCONTROL is a tool monitoring and inventory management system tailored to the can manufacturing industry. ToolCONTROL is a user-friendly framework for controlling inventory and monitoring tools. It will ensure Bodymakers have access to the right tools at the right time by knowing the tools are in stock and what inventory gaps need to be filled.

How does Acumence help two-piece canning manufacturers?

In the high-speed processes of two-piece can manufacturing, bottleneck analysis and preventative maintenance can have some of the biggest impacts on total production and production efficiency. Acumence allows manufacturers to quickly identify which machines are causing problems further down the line, allowing manufacturers to optimize line flow and maximize efficiency.

Taking actions to perform maintenance and swap tooling before they cause significant problems is key to reducing scrap and minimizing downtime.

What factory environments and plant personnel benefit the most from using Acumence?

Acumence is specifically designed to handle the following types of manufacturing environments:

  • Real-time
  • High-volume
  • High-performance
  • High-speed

Acumence provides plant managers, operators, supervisors, and executives with up-to-the-second information on machine and production performance.

What does the implementation process look like?

The average deployment of Acumence takes 8-12 weeks from installation to configuration. We did, however, deploy Acumence in 5-8 weeks in a few cases. It is all dependent on a variety of factors, including how much data is already being collected, the size of the installation, and the availability of local resources.

Rapid Implementation Timeline
2 WeeksInitial installation and modeling
2 – 4 WeeksConnectivity to machines that are integration-ready
Situation DependentConnectivity to machines that need controls, sensors, and networking
Deployment Methodology

The following stages are necessary for a successful rapid implementation. Each stage has steps that the Acumence team, a systems integrator, and the customer must complete.

  1. Plant PLC Preparation
  2. Configuration & Dashboard
  3. System Install
  4. Administrator & User Training
  5. Post Install Support & Updates
What is included in the licensing?

A license for Acumence includes unlimited machine integration and unlimited users. The pricing is based on per plant. When purchasing several plant licenses in a package, customers can receive a discount.

Customers can purchase annual software support and maintenance packages. This plan includes access to 24/7 product support, software updates, and online documentation through the Client Portal. For all levels of maintenance service, Acumence will provide at least the following minimum response times for service:

ServiceSupport WindowResponse Time
Information RequestBusiness Day2nd Business Day
Non-Critical ProblemBusiness DayNext Business Day
Critical Problem24/7/3654 Hours

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