Remote Visibility into Your Manufacturing Plant

Remote Visibility into Your Manufacturing Plant

Acumence provides visibility into all areas of a plant at up-to-the second intervals so that users can keep tabs on what is happening in the plant anytime, and now, anywhere.

Acumence has always provided actionable information with real-time dashboards and historical metrics, allowing manufacturers to avoid losses in efficiency, quality, and performance.  It also has enabled them to identify and resolve bottlenecks promptly.

Now, with our new version 6 release, users will be able to not only access this information within the plant, but also anywhere they wish with our new web and mobile apps (available soon).

Users can now view up-to-the second information on machine performance and production from anywhere.  Supervisors and operators can view real-time dashboards of the plant, KPIs, and OEE remotely, keeping them up to date wherever they may be.

The new web and mobile apps provide innumerable benefits.  Consider the following example:

A supervisor has a meeting outside of the plant.  While waiting for the meeting to begin, he checks the plant status on his Acumence mobile app.  He notices in the Realtime Client that Bodymaker 012 is down.  He drills down and finds the source of the bodymaker’s downtime.  He immediately sends a quick email to maintenance about the Bodymaker.  Within minutes, the problem has been resolved.  If he had waited to check the Realtime Client until he got back to the plant, there could have been hours of downtime.

With people working remotely and traveling, remote visibility is essential.  The new web and mobile clients enable users to be up to date at all times, allowing the plant to function at its fullest potential.