Resources for Can Makers

Resources for Can Makers

Where do Can Manufacturers turn for learning and resources – not just any resources, but resources related to their craft? Let me preface this by saying, this article is not exhaustive. In fact, it’s just one person’s view of available resources. We’re hoping that this spurs some input from readers. What do YOU use to follow the can making industry and all that is related? Send me an email with your go-to resources, and I’ll compile all of the resources in another article.








Networking Forum


Books, and Publications

  • Larson, Melissa. “New Ideas Come In Cans.” Packaging, April 1993, pp. 30-31.
  • Singh, S. Paul. “Internal Gas Pressure on the Compression Strength of Beverage Cans and Plastic Bottles.” Journal of Testing and Evaluation, March 1993, pp. 129-31.


Articles and Reports


All things not yet published…

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