Statistics About Acumence

Statistics About Acumence

On the Home page, you will find the statistics shown above. These numbers tell you a little more about our software solution.  In this post, we will discuss exactly what these numbers mean and eliminate any ambiguity.


Acumence was founded in 2004 and has been helping manufacturers achieve excellence for over 15 years.  For more information about the evolution of Acumence, visit our About page.


Acumence is currently deployed in the following 21 distinct countries:

CanadaIndiaSpain (2)
Czech RepublicIrelandSweden
DenmarkItaly (2)Switzerland
FinlandRussia (4)UK (2)
France (2)Saudi ArabiaUnited States (13)


Within the United States, manufacturing plants use Acumence in the following states:

CaliforniaNew YorkSouth Carolina
IllinoisNorth CarolinaTexas
Mississippi (2)Ohio (2)

Acumence uses many different languages and is capable of supporting hundreds of different language variations to accommodate users in all areas of the world.  With this language support, we can help more manufacturing plants achieve operational excellence in a variety of countries.  It is incredibly rewarding to help enterprises around the world become as efficient as possible.


Forty plants are currently using Acumence as their manufacturing business intelligence solution.

Manufacturing industries are constantly changing, and Acumence adapts with these changes. We listen to customers and constantly improve the software to ensure that their needs are met.


This number indicates the total number of real-time online process variables Acumence servers collect for all plants, per second.  Some of our plants collect over 500,000 process variables each second.  Acumence makes these variables available for plants to leverage in order to consistently achieve operational excellence.


Acumence has been helping manufacturing plants all over the world for over 15 years so that they may achieve higher productivity.  We look forward to continuing to improve our software and expanding to new plants and enterprises.