The Bodymaker and Trimmer: A Look Inside the Aluminum Can Manufacturing Process

The Bodymaker and Trimmer: A Look Inside the Aluminum Can Manufacturing Process

Aluminum can manufacturing plants produce millions of cans per day relying on high-speed equipment, control systems, and technology to monitor performance.  All are essential to creating a successful batch of cans.  However, the bodymaker and trimmer may be the most essential machines in a can plant.

Check out this fun video by IPS showing how a cup of aluminum turns into a can by going through the bodymaker and trimmer.

Monitoring Bodymaker and Trimmer Can Manufacturing Performance

The front end of a beverage can plant is made up of dozens of identical bodymakers. Keeping track of individual bodymaker and trimmer performance is challenging in the thick of operations.  Without the ability to monitor bodymakers, a company’s bottom line can be impacted due to unexpected downtime, an increase in spoilage, and a decrease in can output.

With Acumence’s high-resolution enterprise operations tracking, performance trends can be clearly identified before performance degrades to the point of major negative impact.  The first couple of steps in the can making process include forming the can’s body and then trimming it to make a smooth edge.  Monitoring this process helps can makers identify and avoid losses in performance while maintaining production activities.  Through a customizable reporting dashboard, Acumence can be tailored to your preferences.

With this information, the plant can prepare new tooling, and service the machine before major operational impact occurs.  The result is higher productivity from the bodymakers, reduction in scrap, and better production flow through the rest of the process.

Bodymaker Tool Tracking and Inventory with ToolCONTROL

ToolCONTROL by Integrated Packaging Solutions (or IPS) is a tool tracking and inventory control system designed specifically for the can manufacturing industry.  At its core, ToolCONTROL is an easy-to-use system for managing inventory and tracking tools.  By knowing which tools are in production and what inventory gaps need filling, the tool room can assure bodymakers have access to the right tools at the right time.  The ToolCONTROL plug-in to Acumence allows the sharing of tool tracking and inventory control data to be used alongside data collected through Acumence.

For additional information on the IPS ToolCONTROL plug-in, click here to learn more.