The Low-Hanging Fruit: Production Business Intelligence in Can Making

The Low-Hanging Fruit: Production Business Intelligence in Can Making

Business Intelligence (BI) in a can maker’s production environment seeks to use available data to make better decisions in daily operations, with the goal of increasing efficiency, productivity, and profit. And BI may be the lowest-hanging fruit for achieving high levels of operational excellence. Why? Because data is everywhere, and it’s just waiting to be called into action!

Data is endlessly streaming from the shop floor equipment and software, but too often, production managers don’t have easy access to it. When data is delayed, outdated, or skewed by human error, it’s nearly impossible to make timely decisions, especially in fast-paced manufacturing environments.

Some of what manufacturers gain through Production BI include:

  • Real-time Production Status: Real-time production status provides exact and accurate data, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions free from individual misrepresentation or manipulation.
  • Real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): KPIs help managers focus their attention and efforts by monitoring the most important metrics – on-the-fly – through real-time data.
  • Downtime by Fault and Root Cause: Why is a line down? How often does a certain machine cause downtime? How long was a line idle? Production leaders can develop better maintenance improvement strategies when using the data that exists but is likely not being utilized.

Revolutionizing Can Making Operations with a BI Solution

There are a growing number of solutions that help manufacturers begin to use the data at their fingertips. Far from “plug and play,” these solutions come with an investment of time and expense to implement, but the return can quickly eclipse that investment once data is made visible and begins to illuminate production operations.

Can makers turn to developing custom solutions, or using solutions developed for a range of other industries, to address their unique, high-paced production challenges. This is why Flexware Innovation introduced Acumence to can makers. Acumence is a Production BI solution designed specifically for can making’s unique processes and industry needs.

Navigating the Deluge of Data with Flexware’s BI Team

Flexware not only offers Acumence for can makers, but also offers a dedicated business unit for those pursuing Production BI. Manufacturers pursuing BI are often initially challenged with a deluge of data. What’s important? What isn’t? How do we get the right data to the right people at the right time? Flexware’s Business Intelligence Team helps companies navigate their new-found treasure trove of data.

Operational Excellence within Reach

Any company pursuing Operational Excellence knows the path is difficult. Business Intelligence is hard, but don’t miss the lowest-hanging fruit for achieving Operational Excellence. If you need to illuminate existing production data in can making operations, talk to us about Acumence. If you need help connecting data to larger, disparate systems to make data-driven decisions, leverage our Business Intelligence Team. The fruit is right there – all within reach.