ToolCONTROL is now a Plug-in to Acumence

ToolCONTROL is now a Plug-in to Acumence

Featured in The Canmaker Magazine

Acumence was featured in The Canmaker article “Bodymaker tool tracking for monitoring system” (Issue:  September 2020, page 40). Below is an overview of the featured article:


Bodymakers are the Beating Heart of the Can Plant

As most can makers will tell you, the tool room is the beating heart of a well-run can plant.  With thousands of tools on the shelves, effective control over inventory is critical.  For Bodymakers to efficiently produce cans to customer quality standards, they require a consistent and predictable supply of precisely measured punches and dies.  Running at 350 strokes per minute, an incorrect die change can cost a Bodymaker thousands of cans in lost production.



Launched by Integrated Packaging Solutions (or IPS) in May of 2020, ToolCONTROL is a tool tracking and inventory control system designed specifically for the can manufacturing industry.  At its core, ToolCONTROL is an easy-to-use system for managing inventory and tracking tools.  By knowing which tools are in production, and what inventory gaps need filling, the tool room can assure Bodymakers have access to the right tools at the right time.

Beyond the improvements made to inventory management, ToolCONTROL is focused on pairing its tooling information with key sets of production and quality data.  On the production side, being able to combine Bodymaker data (such as stroke count and jams) with tooling information gives can plants a powerful tool that allows not only improved troubleshooting, but also the opportunity to make predictive tooling changes.


Acumence Plug-in

Understanding the value of shared data, IPS has joined forces with Flexware Innovation, makers of the Acumence line monitoring system.   Through their collaboration, ToolCONTROL is now an official plug-In to the Acumence system.

Flexware has been focused on advancing the abilities of Acumence to collect all relevant streams of plant data and provide real-time, actionable insights.  This includes new features for the delivery of mobile alerts and analytics that provide frictionless interactions.

Acumence is helping can makers achieve high levels of operational excellence by detecting, analyzing, and eliminating production losses.  It is the foundation of a data-driven culture. Learn more on how Acumence cuts bodymaker scrap in the can manufacturing industry.

With ToolCONTROL now commercially available, and signed on as an official plug-in to Acumence, the Flexware team has taken another big step towards making their technology the most value-add, customizable line monitoring system in the can industry.


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