Top 5 Can Making Articles

Can makers are unique. And so is the technology that they rely on to operate their companies. That is why we created the Monthly Can Maker’s Newsletter, which is packed with news and insights. So, what have you been missing out on? The following are the Top 5 Articles that your peers have read:

  • The History of Canning and Can Making

  • The Bodymaker and Trimmer

  • Top Can Making Trends of 2020

  • Measuring OEE and Finding Losses

  • 5 Ways Aluminum Cans the Competition

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Top 5 Articles

About Acumence

Acumence by Flexware Innovation is specifically designed for high-speed processes and can help manufacturers achieve operational excellence by detecting, analyzing, and eliminating production losses. Providing actionable information through real-time views and historical metrics, Acumence makes it possible for users to identify and avoid losses in performance while maintaining production activities through customizable dashboard experiences that can be tailored to customer preferences.