When Downtime Tracking Is a Major Pain Point

When Downtime Tracking Is a Major Pain Point

When Downtime Tracking Is a Major Pain Point

Frustrated with downtime tracking and gaps in performance within your plant’s can making operations?

If data is not readily available and accessible, plant personnel are not able to make informed decisions as quickly as production demands.  Plant personnel are forced to make assumptions, drawing conclusions with minimal information, never truly getting to the root cause of their downtime issues.


Manufacturing & Production Information System

Often the root of downtime tracking issues is a legacy Production Information System (sometimes also called a Production Management System).  Information is typically limited and dependent on a fragile combination of connected systems with limited formal support.  In the thick of operations with multiple lines, performance tracking across equipment, multiple production lines, or multiple plants can be challenging.  Moreover, management decision-making is dependent on different components of the aging system and reporting is often pulled together through excel spreadsheets.  Information being siloed, incomplete, and without context or graphics.

Manufacturing Information Systems play a major role in coordinating production activities within today’s can making industry.  You cannot afford to continually wrestle with the headaches that come with an outdated system and lackluster hit or miss reporting.


Enterprise Downtime Tracking Solution | Meet Acumence

Implementing Acumence as your enterprise-wide Production Information System can make downtime tracking a breeze with access to real-time data, as well as historical reports in a consistent manner.  All information is complete and contextualized with no gaps.  You can pinpoint downtime even as small as under a minute in duration.  Acumence has been solving manufacturing performance monitoring and downtime tracking pain points across the can making industry since 1997.

Grow your business, minimize downtime, and fuel quick decisions with accurate real-time data, enterprise wide – with Acumence.


Acumence Production Information System Benefits:

  • Streamlines production flow
  • Improves productivity and efficiency
  • Easily links to ERP and quality systems
  • Reduces costs
  • Allows for faster response to downtime
  • Enables tracking and reducing spoilage or scrap
  • Ensures standard measures of performance
  • Provides performance trend tracking for better preventative maintenance
  • Enjoy remote visibility, anytime, anywhere with web and mobile applications